My name is Marusya Makarova. I have been doing advertising and marketing for 15 years. I have worked for 5 years in „Marketing and Advertising” at the biggest  Bulgarian pharmaceutical company Sopharma Ltd. I have organized the company's overall advertising vision with an annual advertising budget of over BGN 10 million. I  have developed  large - scale campaigns of the most popular Bulgarian products "Tabex" and "Nivalin" in Bulgaria and Poland. I have organized international symposiums  with foreign partners, european championships and petanque and tennis tournaments in Bulgaria.

I have co-operated in the founding and establishment of the Sofia  Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I have been involved in the overall organization and advertising of the Chamber members, so  in organizing business meetings. I represented the Sofia Chamber in front of the Warsaw Chamber in Poland for the purpose of signing a cooperation agreement.

Currently I own a company that deals with advertising - designing advertising strategy and products of the companies. I organize international events and delegations in the country and abroad for bilateral meetings for cooperation. I отговарям за маркетинга  on the Bulgarian market  of thepolish natural cosmetics Clochee, and Italian eye drops Afomill and Iridil. I work on the production of advertising materials with many of the big Bulgarian companies.

          • Design and pre-print job
          • Advertising materials – notebooks, calendars, files, visiting cards, company letter blanks, envelopes, menus, accounting and bank documents
          • Company flags, flag poles, transperants, plaquettes, bowls, medals, signs, badges
          • Suvenir advertising – ball pens, lighter, visit cards holder, key holders, CD
          • Digital photography
          • Translation, legalisagion, visas


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