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  DENSITY 0.820 – 0.900 BDS 3741-80 DENSITY 0.820 – 0.900 BDS 3741-80duct name and description Price
Be Klean sensing machine, ~230V 520.00
MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid, 1 Liter
Packing: PET bottle with screw cap with safety ring
 Prices are valid EXW Sofia, Bulgaria
 Prices in Euro, excl. VAT
 Payment terms: T/T bank transfer, 100% in advance
 Minimum Order Quantity – 1 piece
 Delivery time: up to 10 working days (subject to confirmation)
1. Certificate of product „MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid“;
2. Safety Data Sheet of product „MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid“.r> At crowded areas and places of great human flow;
 Schools, gyms, sports halls;
 Hotels, restaurants, business centers, conference halls;
 Government buildings;
 Bank offices and cash terminals;
 Public administration and service providers;
 Office buildingsWhere to use Be Klean?
 At crowded areas and places of great human flow;
 Schools, gyms, sports halls;
 Hotels, restaurants, business centers, conference halls;
 Government buildings;
 Bank offices and cash terminals;
 Public administration and service providers;
 Office buildingssing machine for hand disinfection and
„MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid“
Over 80% of infections are spread through hands according to World Health
Research of “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (USA) says regular hand
cleaning can reduce illness by 23-40% and the subsequent absenteeism from work or
school by 30-55%.
Often and correct hand cleaning stops infection diseases, reduces absenteeism from
work or school and thus saves costs of companies for sick-leave and other
compensations as well as prevents the business from operational breaks due to lack of
What is Be Klean?
A new patented Swiss technology from Health Swisstech SA for effective hand
How it works? Step 1: Insert hands into the chamber. Be Klean nozzles spray a fine mist of hydro-alcoholic solution during 3 seconds. Step 2: After the 1st second, while solution still spraying, you can turn hands by 180° (palms down – palms up) to ensure complete and even coverage of hands with cleaning solution. Step 3: Remove hands and wait the solution to take effect for at least 8 seconds. Allow hands to dry or rub them together to speed the process. Why is Be Klean so effective? For many reasons. Some of them are: 1. The patented technology spreads the cleaning solution to a very fine mist to reach every fold of the skin, spaces between fingers and even to enter beneath nails. 2. Cleaning solution is spread by 5 nozzles evenly distributed inside the chamber to guarantee complete and even coverage of hands. 3. Hands are washed with the exact quantity of 3ml solution – the single dose recommended by the World Health Organization for effective hand disinfection.
How much effective Be Klean is?
Microbiology tests reveal that in 99.5% of the cases where disinfection with Be Klean
had been applied, all viruses and bacteria have been removed. In the rest very few
cases where we found bacteria growing, this growth occurs within restricted area and
is significantly slowed down compared to skin of hands on which cleaning solution
had not been applied.
What are the advantages of Be Klean?
=> very fast disinfection
> washing hands with water and soap takes about 40-60 seconds;
> using manual dispenser with cleaning liquid takes about 20-30 seconds;
> with the automatic Be Klean you have complete disinfection in less than 10
=> disinfection without contact
> with Be Klean you don’t have to touch anything.
=> gentle to hands
> the hydro-alcoholic solution is not irritating for the hands skin.
=> saves on hygiene costs and is environmentally friendly
> there is no need of paper napkins or towels;
> you don’t need to spend water;
> you don’t produce waste.
=> ease of mounting and service
> small dimensions;
> hanging on the wall or free standing on any surface – the choice is yours;
> no need for water supply;
> when the chamber light turns red replace the empty bottle with a new one or just
fill in the empty bottle with cleaning solution.
 Power supply ~230V
 On/off button
 Working volume of cleaning solution – 1 Liter
 Indicator light when machine is out of cleaning solution
 White body colour as standard. With orders more than 100 pieces customer can
customize body color
 Packing: carton with dimensions 37/30/40cm and Gross Weight 3.2kg
„MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid“
 ethyl alcohol;
 deionized water;
 glycerin;
 parfum;
„MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid“ is a registered biocide at Ministry of
Health in Republic of Bulgaria with market authorization № 2829-1 / 19.06.2020.
Manufactured in accordance with the World Health Organization recommendations for
With 70% (w/w) content of ethyl alcohol, which is equal to more than 80% (v/v)
content of the active ingredient.
The product has proven efficiency against enveloped viruses (including coronaviruses)
bacteria and fungi.
Being a registered product with proven disinfecting action, „MEDEKO OPTIMA hand
sanitizer liquid“ is much more reliable than the majority of marketed cosmetic
products pretending to provide antivirus and antibacterial action. Such products rarely
reach to 70% (v/v) content of ethyl alcohol which is a little above 50% (w/w) content
and is not sufficient for proper disinfection.
NAME MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid
PACK 1 Liter
CATEGORY Main group 1 – Disinfectants
Product-type 1 – Human hygiene
Active substance: Ethyl alcohol (CAS 64-17-5) 70g/100g
AUTHORIZATION NUMBER № 2829-1/19.06.2020 Ministry of Health
AUTHORISATION HOLDER: Medeko Commerce LTD, 1000 Sofia, 30 Tzar Samuil Str.
SHELF LIFE 36 months
MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid is a disinfectant with bactericidal, fungicidal and
partly virucidal (enveloped viruses) action for hygienic disinfection of hands developed in
accordance with Regulation № 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May
2012 on the placing on the market and use of biocidal products.
The content of the product is based on a non-aggressive composition and a combination of active
ingredients in a user-friendly package. MEDEKO OPTIMA hand sanitizer liquid is designed to
clean and maintain the skin of the hands exposed to adverse external, household and occupational
factors and dirt.
№ Chemical name Concentration %
Concentration %
3 GLYCERIN 0-1.00
4 PARFUM 0-0.1
1 APPEARANCE Transparent liquid BDS 3741-80
2 COLOUR Colourless BDS 3741-80
3 SMELL Specific, of ethanol BDS 3741-80
4 рН 6-7 BDS ISO 4316

Delelegation des hommes d,affaires d,Algerie du 23 au 26 Novembre 2016
  Delelegation des hommes d,affaires d,Algerie du 23 au 26 Novembre 2016
- le 23 Novembre l, accueil a l,aeroport et l'hébergement a l,hôtel.
Welcome Dîner.
- le 24 Novembre - A 10.00 le matin - La conférence et la présentation de la délégation algerienne et les organisations bulgares.Des p résentations pour l,Economie de la Bulgarie par notre Chambre du commerce et le Ministère de l'Economie.
- L,apres midi des rencontres B2B /tete a tete/avec des societes bulgares.
- le 25 Novembre - jour libre 

Bulgarian-Tunisian Business Forum 16-19.02.2016, Sofia, Bulgaria
Emil Makarov jointly with the Sofia Chamber of Commerce organized a Bulgarian - Tunisian Business Forum on 17 February 2016. / Wednesday /. The forum will be held in Hotel Downtown Sofia, bul. "Vasil Levski" №27A in Hall 1 at 10:00 pm. The program of the event includes - registration official part coffee break / lunch and B2B meetings. On 17th evening down dinner in a restaurant Two Candles, with cover 30 lev (payable at the hotel reception on the day of the event).
Upcoming business delegations 2016
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Алжир и Тунис

"Със съдействието на Софийска и Алжирска Търговско-Промишлена Камара в периода 13.03. - 17.03.2010 г. делегация от български бизнесмени посети последователно Алжир и Тунис. Водач на делегацията бе Емил Макаров, който е доказан специалист в страните от Магреба. И в двете страни срещите бяха проведени с активната помощ на посланиците ни в Алжир и Тунис. В делегацията бяха включени водещи фирми в областта на машиностроенето като "Випом" АД, "Балканкар", "Елпром - зем" и други, които са имали сериозни позиции на тези пазари в далечното минало. Липсата на търговско-икономически служби в Алжир и Тунис и годините на прехода, през които мина България се отразиха негативно на износа ни към тези традиционни за нас пазари. Затова при изключително голям интерес бяха проведени десетки срещи с местни фирми. Подобни инициативи са много полезни за възстановяване на българските позициите в тези държави."
Търговски вестник, брой 12
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